Uncover HackGreenville

Our journey began as a humble Slack chat group back in March 2015, thanks to the efforts of Andrew Orr (@Soulfire86) and Dave Brothers (@davebrothers).

Our Slack community has proven to be a resilient and vibrant hub for numerous insightful conversations, standing the test of time.

The HackGreenville.com website was initially brought to life by the SC Codes pilot program and was later nurtured and expanded by Code For Greenville. The site uses open data APIs developed by HackGreenville Labs to promote local, tech-related meetup groups and events.

In Nov. 2023, HackGreenville established a collaborative relationship with RefactorGVL, a local 501(c)(3) non-profit, to further their mission of elevating the tech community in the Upstate. This collaboration provides infrastructure, fiscal sponsorship, and other support services to HackGreenville as it serves the local workforce.

Here's a snapshot of our community's purpose, mission, vision, and culture:

Our Purpose

We are here to nurture personal growth among the vibrant community of "hackers" in Greenville, SC and the surrounding Upstate area.

Our Mission

Through our online community and discovery tools, we aim to spotlight local, non-commercial tech opportunities for learning, sharing, and connecting.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the first point of call -the GO TO- for tech enthusiasts exploring the area's vibrant "hacker" culture and opportunities.

Our Culture and Guiding Principles

  • We expect everyone to abide by the Code of Conduct within our Slack and at in-person events.
  • We exist to nurture personal growth, not to bring people down. Constructive debate, even "Tabs" or "Spaces", is welcome, but please do not harrass or provoke.
  • We welcome all hackers, makers, and tinker types. Our community extends beyond just software.
  • Be respectful. Egos and biases have no place here.
  • Pay it forward. Remember, your knowledge comes from others.
  • Give more than you take. This isn't a community for selfish pursuits.