About HackGreenville

HackGreenville was started as a Slack chat group in March 2015 by Andrew Orr (@Soulfire86) and Dave Brothers (@davebrothers).

The Slack community has stood the "test of time" and continues to be a daily, active hub for countless and varied conversations.

The HackGreenville.com website was initially developed by the SC Codes pilot program and later adopted and expanded by Code For Greenville. The site leverages open data APIs developed by Code For Greenville to promote local, related meetup groups and events.

The following summarizes the overall community's purpose, mission, vision, and culture.


HackGreenville exists to foster personal growth among the "hackers" of Greenville, SC and the surrounding area.


HackGreenville hosts an online community and discovery tools to promote local, non-commercial tech opportunities for learning, sharing, and connecting.


HackGreenville desires to become the GO TO (pun intended!) brand and resource for tech people discovering the area's "hacker" culture and opportunities.

Culture and Guiding Principles

  • We're open to all hackers, makers, and tinker types. We're not exclusive to software.
  • Be nice. Keep egos and biases in check.
  • Have fun. Trolling is not cool.
  • Pay-it-forward. You learned most of what you know from others.
  • Give more than you take. This is not a community for selfish pursuits.