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A Quarterly Gathering of Greenville's Tech, Hacker, Tinkerer, Maker, and DIY Community

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Talks are typically 5, 10, or 15 minutes on tech or tech-adjacent topics that don't fit the format of our existing local meetups or conferences.

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Past HackGreenville Nights Events

2024 - February - "Chili Bar"


Event Sponsorship by STEM Search Group | Hosted by OpenWorks Coworking | Video by Synergy Mill Makerspace

Food and event logistics by HackGreenville volunteers | Fiscal support by RefactorGVL


2023 - October - "Taco Bar"


Event Sponsorship by Simply Binary | Hosted by OpenWorks Coworking

Food and event logistics by HackGreenville volunteers

  • Joey Loman on Quick Intro to Synergy Mill Project Opportunities
  • Pete Broderick on System Level Thinking
  • Olivia Sculley on Quick Intro to HG Labs Project Opportunities
  • Robert Roskam on How to Sanely Test Complex Systems
  • Ryan Lanciaux on Cooking Up Better Applications with Inspiration from the Culinary World
  • Zach Robichaud on Development Tooling with Laravel